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Metal Fabrication Services

The Company

Pursuit of excellence and years of experience combine to make the Contract Fabrication division of Flory Industries uniquely qualified to handle your outsourcing needs. Located in central California's San Joaquin valley, Flory Industries is positioned and equipped to serve business sectors across a broad range of industries. We have the knowledge and flexibility to respond to customer's requests ranging from prototype to production runs, and from individual parts to finished assemblies.

Our Commitment

Flory Industries is committed to serving the needs of our customers. Building lasting relationships with our clients is based on these three principles.


We are committed to the principle of continual improvement. We strive to build quality and repeatability into every process. With the latest in machine tool technology and personal attention by team members, we provide our customers with outsourcing reliability.


Our goal is customer satisfaction. From point of contact to delivery of product, we strive to exceed our customer's expectations.



By bringing quality and service to the market-place competitively, we provide customers with real value.


Outsource with confidence